Celebrity & KOL Reviews​

Our celebrities & KOLs are a group of referential people within their fields, including Top Models, DJs, News Reporters.

Loyalty, Sincerity, & Trust

It is an honour for M Pavillion to be able to provide top notch services to our celebrities & KOL. As time goes by, they become our most loyal customers, giving us the valuable feedbacks, and entrusted us to make their nail healthier, stronger and beautiful.

Amber Chia

Top Model & Entrepreneur

王菁忆 Ong Ching Yee

8TV News Anchor

Chloe 克洛伊

988 DJ

Qiao Yi

Makeup I Hairstyle Artist I Entrepreneur

Leng Yein

Asia’s #1st Female DJ

Jiun Too 湘君

988 DJ

Cassey Soo

988 DJ

Min 皓敏

Radio Announcer I Emcee I Voice Talent

陈韵传 Yunna Tan

News Personality I Emcee

Cynthia 馨蕊

988 DJ

陳諭 That Mandy Chen

Actor I TV Host

Julianne Tan

Professional Emcee I Actress

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